How to make Tea?

Tea in India is one of the beverages which have been there from the beginning.

Two cups of tea with biscuits.

That one cup can make you feel like the missing piece in your everyday life.

However, making tea seems easy.

I will help you here with how to make a cup of tea.

These are the basic steps

  1. Pour milk in a pan (3/4 cup per person and so on), If you don’t have time let the flames in high, otherwise you can turn that knob down.
  2. Let it get heated for 2 minutes.
  3. Add flavor. Here is a tip for the flavors, in cold, you can prefer ginger, summer cardamom is great.
  4. After you added the flavor you can finally let the leaves in the pan (1 small spoon per cup) along with sugar accordingly.
  5. Let it boil and stir it 2-3 times in an interval of 10 minutes.

Your tea is ready. Toast or biscuits makes the moment more special.


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