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What you Earn using Cube TV?

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Cube TV

We have discussed a lot about lot cube tv and its advantages in the previous post.

In this post we will learn or know what exactly cube tv provides i.e. the earning which they provide.

Cube tv provide benefits to both the streamers and the people who watch those streams.


Cube tv has three types of wallet currency those are

  2. BEANS
  3. COINS

These are the currency through which you can recharge your Google Wallet. As per the given data by cube tv

42 Diamond = INR 65

297 Diamond = INR 460

848 Diamond = INR 1300

3818 Diamond = INR 5900

It provides easy google wallet recharge so that you can buy payable app and games from google play store and more.


These are the currency which can get you diamonds or can be exchanged as rewards.

Beans ->Diamond

10 Beans = 3 Diamonds

100 Beans =30 Diamonds

1000 Beans = 300 Diamonds

Rate may vary for US dollar, currently

210 Beans = 1 US Dollar

Exchange rewards

These rewards depend on the store of cube tv, items may vary from time to time. But it provides gifts like iPhone, Xbox, keyboards, headphones etc.


This are the basic currency which you get for watching streams, this may not look like a big deal but these coins can get you a $5 steam gift card which is worth watching streams, it contains various gift cards for various game.

Image showing coins in cube tv
Image showing coins in cube tv
Redden coins to steam wallet code
Redeen coins to steam wallet code
Why Cube TV?

The first two coins are given to streamers who stream games, as a bigger reward points and has greater value. Coins on the other hand also has value which can give you access to steam and many other gift cards.

This is one of the best way to get steam gift cards in free, many people seek lots of ways to get free steam gift cards his is the easiest way I know. There are also many streamers who giveaway steam wallet codes every week and some on daily basis.

For those who seek steam wallet codes this app is for you.

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